Lego Auto Hive

Beecause Bees and Lego make this Human Beeing Happy

Designed to be active and fully functioning. Kitted out with building block observation and access windows on both levels, it houses six auto honey harvesting frames and a bevy of bees. This Lego flow type hive is most likely the first of its kind in the World. Created by world renowned sculptor Helena Vogelzang @  

Under construction...

A 'Lego Lady'  beeing born...caught her emerging from her cell  

 ~THE LEGO LADIES ~ as viewed through the brood box observation window. Having recently taken occupation of their funky new home, they have settled right in. The Queen is in the house!

 A World first...

This Lego Auto Flow Hive, constructed to the ' The Bee's Knees ZA'  hive dimensions, is two tiered. Built with an observation window brood box below and six key auto, super frames above. It is the first of its type & the only one in South Africa, to date.

Rather a rare occurrence, there are but a handful of Lego hives around the world.  They all appear to be constructed to standard Langstroth dimensions, and accommodate active colony's.  Arguably, the first was developed in Israel, Ireland has a very fine example and in America a father and his son undertook the task. 

As this is a fully functioning, full observation window, Flow type Lego Hive, it is the first of its kind in the World 



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