*PLEASE NOTE: Removal of the auto harvesting frames is for demonstration purposes only.

The above time laps footage captures four stages of auto cell preparedness and honey storage by the bees. Operational auto frames remain permanently in place, and are kinder to bees and their keepers. This modern approach eliminates the messy aspect of traditional  harvesting. Undisturbed, the bees are left to their own devises, producing pristine honey directly into your jars. This process will show an immediate return on your investment, as there is no need for a honey room, spinning and heating equipment, or professional extraction fees. Created by designer and sculptor Helena Vogelzang  @ www.helenavogelzangsculptor.com ~ Hive housing fabricated by local bee whisperer Dave Bowden @ bowdenbeekeeping

Split cell technology 'beeing' worked over by my Bees. As seen through the observation windows. Key Auto Harvesting technology is an awesome interactive experience 

' T H E   B E E 'S   K N E E S '

A retro phrase coined in the the 1920's describing 'an outstandingly good thing'. It's a catchy homophone, sounding like  ~ ' The Business'

 Amusingly, Bee's  do appear to have 'knees' ~ As modeled by my gorgeous poster girl. Whilst foraging she packs her 'pollen baskets'  full, on the fine hairs (corbicula) of her middle legs. Adeptly bearing the load back to her hive.

~Key Auto Hives offer a window into the world of your Queen Bee ~

The Matriarchy of these little gems of Nature, is a compelling curiosity. Purpose designed, these honey homes offer Super and Brood chamber observation windows. Enabling you to watch your bees with ease. You can experience the collective organism that is the Colony, reigned over by their resident Queen .



 A beekeeping legacy ~ My Maternal Opa Franz Zaman had an Award winning Urban garden allotment and Apiary in Amsterdam > PELIMA < Apiary Established Circa 1940 & 2020 in KZN  South Africa [DAFF#375]

The plight of our Bee's is a concerning world wide reality, there is a real need to nurture our precious gems of Nature.

It is our Universal responsibility to become their custodians.

The Bees Knees ZA auto harvesting, observation hives have the key to endorsing this ethos...

Planting for  Bees ~ Making a B line for the indigenous Leonotis leonurus var. alba. Growing specifically for her winter foraging needs

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