Competition honey achieving high scores  

Harvesting honey, made easy with a twist of the wrist

The key to auto harvesting  technology and the sweetness of your own Honey 

Bee's are the only insects that provide a nutritional food source for Human's

Honey of origin is defined by the locality of  Worker Bees and their Hives, who forage on a variety of seasonal flowering plants. Defined by unique Terroir characteristics, much like that of wine regions.

The natural inclination of Bees is to fill in cells successively, their honey stores are stocked a frame at a time. Therefore each auto frame of honeycomb has its own unique signature and will taste, smell and look differently from the next.  The systematic storage inclination of our clever Bees, favors the auto frame harvesting system. 

Key Auto Hives allow us the delightful opportunity to do unique honey tastings. With this technology the flavor can be unlocked, frame by frame. Harvested directly into your own jars. Avoiding  the conventional harvesting methods, that by necessity blend and mix seasonal batches, sadly all the unique flavors are lost in the old process. A missed opportunity to experience unique honey tastings. 

With auto harvesting technology, you can unlock the opportunity to experience the subtle  and distinctive, seasonal variations of your own special honey. Savoring it's color, flavor, and bouquet. The distinctive properties in each jar harvested will reflect the specific location and seasonality of the nectar flow in your specific environment.

An interesting scientific fact; The origin of your honey can be traced back to your region by analyzing the content  of the pollen it preserves.

Savored by Gourmet's and Foodie's alike. 

Harvesting honey in this way means its ready to eat directly from the hive. Avoiding the blending, heating, and the oxidization associated with conventional harvesting methods. Unlocking a variety of flavors, allowing for the distinctive signatures of each Hive to shine through. Experience a tasting table of sweetness from each Key Auto  harvest.

Honey tasting experience

There's a glow that comes from the flow...Experience a Hosted Honey tasting event. Honey varieties have become as sought after as wine tasting, without the hangover!

It's a great way to enjoy and share the unique aromas, tastes and colour of your very own Honey, harvested from your Auto hives if you are so lucky. Honey pairs well with artisanal breads, cheese and wine. Encouraging honey tasting varieties helps to support our local Beekeepers, in their labor of love. 

Contact Helena to arrange a unique Honey tasting experience or get guidelines to Host your own Honey tasting event.

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