~Key Auto Hive Technology ~

Time laps footage captures four stages of auto cell preparedness and honey storage, achievable in a strong flow season, with an established Colony. The split cell, operational auto frames remain permanently in place and are kinder to bees and their keepers. This modern approach eliminates the messy aspect of traditional  harvesting. Effortless, it will show an immediate return on your investment, as there is no need for a honey room, spinning and heating equipment, or professional extraction fees.

Assisting bees and their keepers to harvest honey, like no other. Optimally, each frame can yield up to 3 kilos of pristine honey, observation windows help to monitor when the frames are capped andready for harvest. Tapping honey off just one or all six frames is your choice. Key activated; a gentle unlocking action shifts and splits the cells, allowing pure, virgin honey to flow directly into your jars, touched only by the Bees.

Of food grade plastic, the cell mechanisms are purposely incomplete and prepared by the bees to suit their own needs, they naturally line the hexagons with their own beeswax. When unlocked to drain, the girls simply feel a change beneath their twinkle toes. The key reset action, realigns the split cells, unfussed they promptly rework them.  Bees and hive remain intact and unharmed  during and after the harvesting process.

Tapping off encourages topping up. Auto harvesting methods compliment Natures abundant cycle. Promoting further foraging and pollination, whilst providing convenient bee housing. By assisting our Bees they naturally produce excess's of their sacred bounty to share with us. 


  • Key Auto Hives can potentially, make a return on your investment in one honey harvesting season.
  • Seasonal Auto harvested limited edition Krantzkloof reserve raw Honey
  • Honey tasting experience
  • Adjustable hive stands 

OBSERVATION AUTO HIVE OPTION 1- Full observation hives, includes six flow frames, ten Bowden brood frames, 4 viewing windows 2 access windows R 6 000.00 IN PRODUCTION Brood boxes available to order, auto super to follow...limited stock available so secure your order now.


 RAW HONEY- 260g R100.00 Limited seasonal harvest SORRY OUT OF STOCK UNTILL NEXT SEASON 


A new 'Beevolution'  for the Urban Beekeeper is at hand. Exactly what our dwindling Bee populations require. Bee friendly honey harvesting, enables you to tap into your own raw honey, with an easy twist of the wrist, flowing directly from the split cell combs, with least disturbance to the Bees. Regular hive maintenance is aided by the observation windows. At a glance, Bee's in the brood chamber can be observed undisturbed, towards aiding good Beekeeping practice.

Being mindful that our smaller African Bees, naturally favor a more confined space. These hives are designed to suit. The purposefully narrow housing, still holds ten optimum sized brood frames. This tighter hive space encourages productivity in your brood box. As these Flow Supers for honey storage are double deep, already more than the standard super, six flow frames are more than adequate. Providing ample space for your Bees to store their honey reserves efficiently. With the premise that a productive Queen and her prolific Colony below, will produce plentiful honey above. As harvesting is non disruptive, it can occur more frequently. Tapping off during the seasonal nectar flow, directly into your jars, frees up storage space in the Auto frames, and encourages a flowing and abundant harvest for all.

Under optimum conditions these hives can potentially pay for themselves in one good season and show a profit thereafter. The optimum 6 Key  Auto harvesting frames above and 10 Bowden style brood frames below, can potentially produce 3 Kg's per auto frame, of pure raw honey @ an average honey market of R 100/per Kg.  Approximately 16-20 Kg's can be harvested off your Hive in a good flow season. Potentially R 6 000.00 - R 10 000.00 of money from your first Honey .


Remember your initial investment will need an active, Nucleus swarm or NUC, to populate your new hive. Prices may vary according to seasonal availability and size of colony, between R 750 00 00 to R 1000.00.  A colony can be sourced by a Beekeeper local to your area. Or if your patient  or being economical, you can try and let nature takes its course and choose to bait your hive and catch your own swarm.

Although Auto hives require low effort, maintaining good beekeeping practice is recommended. Whether you choose to do it yourself or retain the services of a professional Beekeeper in  your area. Annual housekeeping  of your Hives is good for your bees and will keep them healthy and productive, whilst preventing swarming or splitting off of a strong Colony. It is the nature of Bee's to be abundant and expansive.

You will only require a Bee suit, Smoker and Hive tool, if you choose to get more involved yourself.

*DISCLAIMER ~ Bee aware that the secret life of Bees, tends to draw you in. Their fascinating world will inevitably improve your world, so be prepared to go with their flow. A Colony is an expanding living organism. Enjoy the experience it will sweeten your life. Bee warned Keeping Bees can bee addictive.

*If you are allergic to Bee stings, it follows that you should suit up and take the necessary precautions when approaching the back of the Hive to auto harvest your Honey. Regardless always have antihistamine available in your Bee kit.

 Purchase guide:

* Prices do not include delivery, consultation visits or Nucleus Swarms.

  • FULL OBSERVATION AUTO HIVE - R 6000 00 Includes: Fully assembled, locally designed and fabricated hive, with full observation windows . The windowed double deep super, houses a set of 6 imported, food grade auto flow frames, access slots for Key  tool a metal Queen excluder and inner lid. Uniquely the brood chamber is fitted with two viewing windows and accommodates ten, starter strip waxed, Bowden Brood frames.
  • STANDARD OBSERVATION HIVE OPTION - Under development This option will be available to fit a traditional super for conventional honey  harvesting. They are being designed to hold comb honey cassettes.  
  • HIVE STAND - Being developed...A purpose made adjustable stand, is being designed to compliment the Key Auto Hive system. 
  • HONEY - R 85.00 260g jars * Prices may vary Seasonal availability~ Key Auto Frame technology, is the modern technique used to harvest our Raw virgin Honey, touched only by the Bees.
  • HONEY TASTING EXPERIENCE - On hold due to Covid restrictions.

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