With reverence to our Beekeeping heritage, but utilizing a modern twist of the wrist
Key Auto Hive Technology unlocks Bee and Keeper friendly honey harvesting
Observation windows, aid urban 'Beeks' to kindly care for their Bees.  An interactive approach, offering cursory looks into the hive, encouraging non invasive inspections that can happen at a glance. Assisting with hive maintenance, whilst upholding traditional apiculture practices


Activate the key and unlock easy honey harvesting in your own backyard.

Auto honey harvesting technology. Housed in locally manufactured, observation hives, now available in KwaZulu Natal. 

Observation hives furnished with auto flow, split cell, harvesting technology. A Generic system better suited to our bees needs. Offering an affordable and productive option. Incorporating;  Full observation style hives that include windows in both, the Queen and brood chambers.

A modern approach and quality design, incorporates an efficient number of six, imported key  activated auto harvesting frames, and the power house brood box holds ten Bowden style frames, artfully housed in locally  fabricated hives.

Created by world renowned sculptor and designer Helena Vogelzang. www.helenavogelzangsculptor.com Helena has combined  her passion for Bees and design, in consultation with seasoned local Bee whisperer, Dave Bowden. Dave's applied knowledge of wood fabrication and bees is invaluable. Their combined skills, offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as applied to the design of these Hives. With careful consideration, the narrower format brood box,  which still accommodates  ten Bowden style frames, are  designed to better suite our smaller African Bees needs. Preferring a tighter breeding space they can still efficiently, optimize the ten brood frame load. This allows for a highly productive Queen chamber. Exactly where you want productivity, aiding the work force required to produce an abundant Colony.

Auto flow technology is on hand, at a crucial period of the Honeybee crisis Worldwide. Both Bee and Keeper friendly; our local hives offer an affordable honey harvesting system. Helping to unlock the mystery of Bee Keeping.  It encourages, educates and involves people, whilst endorsing Bees and enhancing the tradition of Bee keeping, with a modern twist of the wrist.


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